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UINTAH HIGH SCHOOL: “More Than You’ll Ever Know”
Few audience members are aware, as they watch a performance come alive before their eyes, how much they have been saved the trouble of bringing it to life. As Chris Piner, teacher at Uintah High School and director of Uintah Theatre, puts it, “We think a lot more about the stories we tell than you will ever know. We study character and story and have thought provoking conversations about every script. We scrutinize every line and word and we make decisions on how best to proceed. That is rehearsal and you never get to see it.”
Bloomfield Hills High School Theatre: A Wideopen Door to Opportunity
A Wideopen Door to Opportunity Some parents quail when their children announce they want a career in the theatre arts;[...]
Booker Visual & Performing Arts Center: The Triumph of Art
In challenging times, art can be both a solution and a healer. At least, that’s what can be learned from arts programs like the Booker Visual & Performing Arts Center.
Newsome High School Theatre: Life During COVID-19
Producing Artistic Director Chad Cornwell’s advice for getting on top of the situation is to “realize that you are not in this boat alone."
Premier Performing Arts: Perfection in Motion
Professional performers are used to “winging it.” So much can happen on stage – forgotten lines, misplaced props, lights going out – that improvising becomes a necessary skill.
Greenville Public Schools: Ground Floor
Greenville High School had just started rehearsals for The Crucible when Michigan’s sheltering-in-place order took effect on March 23. The students and staff decided to continue with virtual rehearsals.
Aspen High School: Ready, Set, Go
A story that is all too common this spring, Aspen High School theater was hours from opening, when their show was canceled and schools closed. Losing the experience for students and directors is bad enough, but the financial loss could have been devastating. Using Ludus, AHS was able to salvage at least some of that money through the generosity of an incredible community.
William H. Tunnicliff Auditorium: The Elements of Collage
Every performer dreams of a state-of-the-art space that helps them achieve their best. But how many have stepped onto a stage that has served generations of artists, who felt their hopes and dreams rising with the curtain? Or had teachers who encouraged not only talent but the potential for talent? Or had peers who were there to lift them up?
Westby Area Performing Arts Center: Northern Light
To put the importance of its school band program into perspective for Westby, a rural Wisconsin community of 2,000, nearly 8% of the population – or one in every 13 residents – is enrolled in Westby’s band program.
Portage Central: Home-grown Talent
Portage Central High School Theatre program is considered one of the finest in the country, with a history of quality[...]
Union High Bands: The Right Support
Every band program should have a booster club like the Union Bands Parents Club. At a time when cash-strapped and[...]
McAuliffe Middle School: A Voice for All
“I was a HUGE fan of ‘The Sing Off,’” admitted Shannon Wallace, “but I never really thought I could have a group like that at the middle-school level. Then,” she added with a smile, “we started adding a capella songs into our show choir sets, and I realized that with the proper arranging our students could actually do it.”
Holland High: Spirit of 86
In 1986, two high school students yearned for Holland High School to have a fully fledged theater program. “Sophomore Kurt[...]
Omaha Area Youth Orchestras: Love at First Hear
Aviva Segall has always been passionate about music. Hearing the cello for the first time as a little girl, she remembered that “I got up and started screaming, ‘I want to play that one, mommy!’ It was love at first hear.”
Hermantown High School: Life Needs Drama
Theater has always been an important part of the Hermantown High School student experience. “There has been a Drama Club at Hermantown since the school was formed in 1942,”
GhostLight Productions: Shine a Light
One characteristic of a great idea is its persistence. “My wife and I had always wanted to do ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,’” reminisced Mark Lorentzen, co-founder and artistic director of Ghostlight Productions.
Concord: Making a Joyful Noise
Few marching bands have had a book written about them, and few of those books have been as eloquent as the one written about Elkhart, Indiana’s Concord High School Marching Minutemen.
MacTheatre: Schooled to Be the Best
In Texas, one community has stepped up time and again, first to launch McCallum Fine Arts Academy in Austin, TX, and then to nurture it, with epic results. Here is their story.

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